5 Great Marketing Ideas for Businesses in the Financial Industry

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Dec 11, 2023 10:53:00 AM

Growing a finance business is challenging. Overcoming that challenge starts with marketing. 

Marketing isn’t easy. Your finance business's methods to reach potential clients even five years ago won’t be as effective now. Your clients have changed, and you must adapt and change with them.  

However, the goal of marketing remains the same: to build trust, illustrate the benefits of your business over the competition, identify a customer and provide a solution, and encourage preference for your brand.  

In this article, we’ll show you five ways you can market and promote your finance business.  

Promotional Products 

Want to get potential customers to notice you? Give them something they want: a great deal, important information — or a product. Everyone loves swag, and promotional products are well worth the investment. 

With most people keeping a promotional product for an average of 1 year, these products are a gift that keeps giving. From employees to prospective clients and customers, people feel an instant connection to companies that offer promotional goods, so much so that 76% of people recall the name of a brand on a promotional item.  

With the right promo product strategy, the recipient is likelier to become a customer because of that connection. They see and feel the value your business provides. Accepting the product becomes a critical touchpoint. Once they are a customer, the promotional item is their first step toward becoming a brand ambassador. They can share the promotional product, giving them a starting point in telling family and friends about their experience with you.  

Promotional products aren’t just for prospects but employees as well. They encourage company loyalty and will make your employees feel that the time and effort they spend doing their jobs are worthwhile. Moreover, promo products will help employees recall their good memories when they received them. This will help foster a sense of loyalty, thus encouraging employee retention.  

Corporate Apparel  

Since many finance businesses are client facing, presenting a professional face to customers is essential. While it might not be the corporate policy for all employees to wear the same attire, an inconsistent dress code can detract from your brand’s identity and professionalism. Furthermore, your employees’ apparel should look presentable but also promote your brand and elevate those employees in the eyes of customers and prospects.  

Corporate attire encourages unity among employees. It passively promotes teamwork and belonging without restrictive rules or overbearing expectations. Casual attire such as polo shirts and sweatshirts can easily be branded with the company logo and offered as corporate apparel. Does your finance business have casual Fridays? If so, encourage your employees to wear corporate apparel on these days.  

Not only will casual corporate apparel be worn at work, but it will likely be worn outside the office, too. Outerwear is especially popular and generates an average of 6,100 impressions, which means advertising for your business will continue even after office hours.  

Statement Rendering and Mail Services  

Increase sales and revenue by using mail services to keep your customers up-to-date on product changes or services. With statement rendering and mail services, you can have regular monthly statements and reports mailed to customers hassle-free. However, monthly statements aren’t the only things you can mail to keep your business in customers’ minds. 

Printed catalogs are still preferred among many consumers. 57% of consumers prefer printed catalogs over digital catalogs, and 69% will consult a printed catalog before an online purchase.  

Greeting cards are great ways to thank your customers and let them know you are thinking of them. Thank-you cards boost loyalty and pair well when sent with promotional products. Furthermore, by automating your birthday mailings, you can ensure you never miss the chance to wish your customers a happy birthday.  

Branded stationery, such as letterhead and envelopes, gives a sense of legitimacy to your printed marketing materials. Quality paper for your letterhead combined with printing a full-color logo on your letterhead and envelope shows your customers and prospects that you care about the quality of every aspect of your business.  

Social Media Marketing 

While social media is unlikely to become your highest-performing digital channel, with 81% of the population on a social media account, social media marketing is still a valuable strategy and can’t be ignored. Everyone from Gen Z to Boomers uses social media to follow the brands they love, learn from peers and keep up with current trends.  

Your brand is likely already being talked about on social media, whether you know it or not. Why not join the conversation? This way, you can accurately portray and promote your finance business. Rather than considering your social media purely as a tool for profit or fun, consider it a channel for talking to customers and prospects. What are your best customers using social media for, and how can you enhance the conversation and provide value for them? 

Start your social strategy by ensuring it complies with the standards for your industry and focusing on the platforms where your customers and prospects are (and which align with your brand). Then, look at how customers are using the platform. Maybe you can showcase your company culture, share success stories, offer customer service, build brand trust, open marketing opportunities, and grow your customer base. How do you want to add value? The possibilities are endless. 

Managed Inventory  

Operations have a significant effect on the marketing of your business. How can you execute your marketing strategy with missing products, slow deliveries and inefficient operations? Effective inventory management will help you execute confidently and precisely, respond to trends, avoid backorders, and perform efficiently. It provides customers with brand confidence at every stage of the buyer and prospect journey — from receiving marketing material to billing. 

Managed inventory will help your business create a positive customer experience and keep up with the aggressive order-to-delivery times retailers have implemented. You will improve inventory turns, reduce capital risks with improved accuracy, and see optimized inventory levels that suit the needs of your business. 

GO2 Partners Financial Services Marketing  

Financial service businesses rely on marketing. As marketing and operations experts, we help financial institutions in various ways. We conduct market research to identify your target audiences, understand customer needs and preferences, and keep you ahead of industry trends.  

We will execute and create a personalized marketing strategy that includes multiple channels: promotional, digital, email, direct mail and SEO. We will use these channels to update your customers and potential leads on your financial products and services. We are committed to helping you reach your business goals and operate more efficiently. 

Contact GO2 today to discuss your goals, and let’s see how we can help.  

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