Revenue Operations

    Automate the Way You Manage Product Information

    If you want to give your customers the information they want, you need a system that works in real time. Entering data manually wastes time and can lead to mistakes, resulting in inaccurate information across your operation. GO2 Partners’ Product Information Management (PIM) system gives you access to a comprehensive suite of features that unlocks your product information for easier sales and business growth.
    Product Information

    Reliable Data for Your Customers and Team

    Product Information
    Product information

    Modern consumers make buying decisions based on their access to product information. If you’re still updating product descriptions manually, reviewing inventory numbers by hand, or struggling to bring new products to market, you’re losing out on potential sales.

    Integrated systems
    Integrated systems

    GO2’s automated PIM provides streamlined access to valuable information. It updates inventory data, manages product information across your business using APIs and automation, and dynamically creates marketing content.

    Centralized data source
    Centralized data source

    Whether you’re working with multiple dealer or franchise locations, a centralized distribution facility, complex manufacturing processes or an ecommerce platform, our PIM increases efficiency by centralizing your operational data for easy product information management.

    Custom-fitted product information management

    The best solution is one built for your needs. Our goal is to create a custom-fitted solution for your unique situation. We take the time to understand your business’s problems. Using GO2’s cloud-based PIM as a foundation, we provide a solution that delivers on your goals.

    Custom-fitted PIM

    A central source of product truth

    Your business is at risk if your company relies on data that employees enter by hand or that is not shared across locations. Working with GO2’s PIM, you have a centralized, consistent database for all users. This data structure ensures no discrepancies in your product information, data for the consumer or inventory numbers.

    Configuration tools

    Built-in configuration tools and automation

    Consumers love customizability. It can be challenging to track all possible configurations if you offer products with customizable colors, sizes or designs. Our PIM system allows customers to design a product and create a SKU number for each design. This automated process gives consumers the flexibility they love while keeping you in control of the data.

    Expedite your go-to-market process

    Bringing a new product to market can be challenging. Coordinating the process across different teams can lead to confusion. A smooth rollout is difficult when you struggle with information in disconnected databases. Our PIM makes it easy to introduce new products by coordinating information and aligning your marketing.


    Launch your digital transformation strategy

    If you want to bring your business into the digital age, work with GO2 to design an efficient plan of action that enables a smooth transition. GO2’s PIM is just one service we offer as part of our digital transformation strategy.

    Additional Support When You Need It

    The PIM is just one product and service we offer. When you need additional help, you can access the industry-leading expertise from all our departments.  

    Modernize Your Business Today

    Take control of your operation. Leverage your product information to increase sales, bring more products to market faster, and better support operations. Contact GO2 and ask about our product information management system today.


    Customer Success Story

    As its offerings grew and it expanded into new ecommerce markets, a furniture manufacturer needed help managing the product information for its growing catalog.

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