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Want to give customers complete access to product customization options, but walking them through every available choice is time consuming and complicated? With GO2’s configurator tool, customers can quickly and easily visualize a variety of customizations. Put the power in the hands of your customers while you stay in control.
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Empower Your Sales Team and Your Customers

Want to increase sales? With GO2’s configurator tool, you can show customers product customization options quickly and easily. Your customer service and sales teams can design a product in real time based on the customer’s specifications. Change colors, design choices and materials. Use a customer-supplied image as a backdrop, letting the client see how the product will look in their home.
Many customers prefer to make purchases online using ecommerce systems. The configurator lets customers design products at their own pace. It integrates with your existing product information management (PIM) system, making the process seamless. Work with our tech experts every step of the way to ensure that your configurator provides all the customization options and supports your business goals. 
Empower sales and customers

Here’s what that means for you:

Turnkey solution for product customization

Show customers all the ways they can customize their products. By integrating with your existing PIM system or through your current product data, every option is at their fingertips.

Real-time previews

The configurator automatically generates a product image based on the specifications entered. Digitally place the product on a provided image to give customers an idea of how it will look in their home.

Integration with sales platforms

Easily integrate the configurator with an existing PIM or product database. Through the integration, the configurator automatically generates every customization option available.

Automatic spec sheet generator

Your customers want to know the exact specifications of a product before they buy. The configurator automatically generates a spec sheet with critical information like product dimensions, weight and materials.

Implement our intuitive configurator tool today

Give your sales teams the weapons they need to close more deals. Our configurator tool is the silver bullet that your reps need to do business with more customers. During the setup process, we do all the heavy lifting. This leaves you with an easy-to-use, turnkey system for designing custom products.

Configurator-Case Study

Customer Success Story

See how the GO2 team used an integrated PIM and the configurator for a Made-to-Order (MTO) manufacturer.

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