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    Employee Experience

    With the right employee experience strategy, you can enhance your ability to engage, inspire and retain top talent. 92% of HR leaders list employee experience as a top priority; learn why when you work with GO2.
    Employee experience

    Unleash the Passion, Potential and Performance of Every Employee

    Your employee experience (EX) directly affects everything from workplace culture and customer experience to profits and growth. GO2 Partners will help you design an EX strategy that inspires engagement and improves work performance.
    • Create a team that’s invested and connected.
    • Inspire employees to reach their full potential.
    • Retain high-performing talent.
    Unleash performance of every employee

    Employee experience solutions

    You want to ensure that every employee touchpoint aligns with your business’s purpose, brand and culture. GO2 Partners can work with you to make it happen.

    Here's how GO2 can help:

    Recognition and incentive programs

    Ensure your people feel appreciated.

    Your employees want to feel recognized for their work. 83% of employees who received recognition report a more positive experience. We’ll work with you to develop and implement an employee rewards program that motivates top performance.

    Learn about the GO2 Partners ecommerce platform — a customized storefront that makes it easy to reward great work.

    Skills development

    Invest in your most important asset.

    Maximize your returns by investing in your employees. For every dollar a company spends in training, it receives about $4.53 in return — a 353% ROI. From single-topic training kits to ongoing education programs, we’ll get your workforce up to speed on products, services and processes.

    Example offerings:

    • Training kits
    • Active learning
    • Skills practice
    • Gamification
    • Trainer guides
    • Training presentations
    • Contests and rewards


    Leadership guidance

    Lead with confidence.

    The great leaders in your company can make all the difference. Managers account for up to 70% of the variance in employee engagement and satisfaction. We’ll arm your leaders with all the tools they need to provide an inspiring employee experience.

    Example offerings:

    • Train the trainer — Prepare leadership to conduct critical training exercises.
    • Communication templates — Arm leaders with customizable prewritten materials like emails, presentations and meeting guides.
    • Playbooks — Give leaders product expertise and sales game plans at their fingertips.
    • Meeting kits — Make your meetings more effective with activities that build teamwork and skills.



    Host unforgettable events — in person or virtually.

    Whether you’re celebrating a product launch or getting your team hyped to meet their sales goals, nothing makes a splash like a big event. We’ll create and deliver the materials you need to make your next conference, sales meeting or celebration a success.

    Example offerings:

    • Event promotion
    • Presentations
    • Signage
    • Activities


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    Don’t Delay Reaching Your
    Business Goals

    Don't wait. We work within your budget to reach your employee experience goals, creating comprehensive plans with definitive metrics to drive performance. And of course, we work as an extension of your team, getting to know your business and its challenges to deliver you a true competitive advantage.