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The Modern Marketing Scorecard

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Measure the maturity of your marketing. Identify opportunities. This rigorous assessment tool, based on benchmarks and best practices, provides actionable recommendations that become the basis of a comprehensive marketing plan. 

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Marketing Scorecard Results

The Science of Sales and Marketing

Can you objectively assess how well you’ve implemented your sales plan? Can you accurately benchmark the success of your marketing strategy? 

As a business leader, you know there are sales and marketing challenges — gaps in your strategy and missed opportunities. How can you confidently invest in marketing without knowing how your current strategy is performing? 

That's where the Modern Marketing Scorecard can help.

Everything You Need to Know About the Marketing Scorecard

What Is the Marketing Scorecard?

The Scorecard is a rigorous analytical tool that incorporates current best practices, data-driven measures and your strategic goals to benchmark your marketing. It will identify the deficiencies in your processes and strategy so you can see why you aren’t reaching your goals. Covering multiple sales and marketing disciplines, it provides an objective assessment as well as a roadmap to optimization and improvement.  

How Can It Accurately Assess My Marketing?

It includes a discovery workshop with a team of marketing experts, an in-depth review of current sales and marketing content and materials, and an evaluation that benchmarks and scores your marketing and sales against best practices. This data is run through a proprietary engine that incorporates best practices to deliver a score. You’ll have a Scorecard as well as comprehensive recommendations based on gap analysis, industry standards and priority needs. 

The Scorecard takes a consultative approach to providing you with the data and support you need to invest wisely as you develop a science-based strategy to sales and marketing. 

Will the Marketing Scorecard Work for My Business?

Almost any company investing in sales and marketing will benefit from the Scorecard. Because the Scorecard incorporates your current strategic goals, looking at the reality of your current approach and comparing it against up-to-date best practices, it provides you with the benchmarks and information you need to identify opportunities and transform your sales and marketing. 

What Does the Marketing Scorecard Include?

Gathering information and data on the Scorecard is a consultative process based on partnership. The initial data collected evaluates the disciplines of your marketing plan, including your:

  • Content strategy
  • Website
  • Blog
  • SEO
  • Email
  • Marketing automation
  • Social media
  • Paid media
  • Analytics
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

The data is run through a proprietary technology platform with a built-in strategic planning and selling system. Based on your Scorecard’s performance, it provides an objective assessment of your marketing maturity and competencies and covers more than 125 data points. You’ll know your priority areas of focus with key observations and recommendations by channel, based on identified gaps.



How Can I Use the Marketing Scorecard to Ensure an ROI?

Gathering data and preparing the report is only the first step in the process. After that, you'll work closely with a team of marketing experts to incorporate your business, sales and marketing goals. They will help you apply the results to your business. You’ll build an actionable marketing plan with the tools you need to reach your goals.

How Is the Marketing Scorecard Different from Other Tools?

Unlike other tools, the Marketing Scorecard is both quantitative and qualitative. It’s data-based, but customized to you and includes planning and next steps so you can leverage the results for actionable benefits for your business.

It helps companies invest wisely in their sales and marketing and to attack the market with smart decisions based on data.

Plan with Confidence

Marketing leaders new to the position will have a baseline evaluation of current sales and marketing to identify gaps and develop new strategies confidently.

Build Consensus for Change

Legacy marketing teams and leaders can objectively assess their results against best practices to develop new strategies and build consensus around change.

Reduce Campaign Timeline

Companies preparing campaigns around digital transformation for sales and marketing will see where to invest for maximum return and benefit, drastically reducing the campaign timeline.

Conquer Business Challenges

Businesses that have lost market space to competitors can review potential weaknesses in their current strategy.

Leverage Your Data

Leaders who want to push a more data-driven approach to sales, marketing and business management will have benchmark data and measures.

Data-Backed Investment

Marketing managers who want to assess how they are investing in sales and marketing can see where that investment may have the biggest impact and provide company leadership with data to back future investment or increased budget.

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