Entertaining an audience is your goal. Whether at a casino, an event venue, or a television or movie presentation, you’re focused on your audience’s needs. Running a successful business means handling many other tasks, from ordering supplies to supporting employees, managing a website and launching a new marketing campaign. That’s where the GO2 team can help, letting you focus on entertaining your audience.
    Entertainment marketing and supplies

    Exceptional Support for the Entertainment Industry

    Entertaining an audience. Delivering unforgettable experiences. Crafting an event that’s both exciting and memorable. These may be the keys to a winning entertainment business, but they're not the only factors necessary for success. You need top-of-the-line marketing to ensure your brand and message reach the world. You need critical business supplies, a website, logistics and employee support.
    You need a partner who understands your vision and can bring the resources, experience and expertise. That partner is GO2. We have a national network of experts ready and willing to deliver that critical support when and where you need it. Whether managing custom printed materials for your entertainment venue or support for a new website, GO2 delivers turnkey, comprehensive, customized solutions designed around your needs. 
    Support for the entertainment industry
    See what GO2 can help you with:

    Promotional Products

    Branded promotional items are a great way to add fun while promoting loyalty with customers and an audience. It’s another customer touchpoint constantly working for you. Turn to GO2’s turnkey promotion solution. We can handle any step you need, from ordering and delivering new products to creating a new design. For the latest promotional trends, GO2 brings the fun.


    Branded Apparel

    Apparel is a great way to create a lasting impression on an audience or customer. GO2’s comprehensive apparel program is your solution. We work with leaders in the apparel industry and have designers on staff to help you bring your vision to life. We handle the ordering, embroidery and delivery. You can have as little or as much control as you want.

    Branded apparel is an excellent way to promote camaraderie and teamwork within your business. GO2 Partners provides a company store where your employees can buy branded products using a set allowance based on their performance.


    Employee Experience Programs

    Whether hitting sales goals, delivering client projects or just onboarding a new team member, developing employee experience programs transforms your company’s operations. These programs give your team clear expectations for their performance while also providing exciting incentives like season tickets or corporate retreats.


    Event Marketing

    Event management requires creativity, precise planning, logistics and flawless coordination. You don’t have to handle it alone. GO2 has the national resources and expertise to provide targeted support for your next event. Whether it’s marketing, event signage, welcome kits, branding or logistics, we can help.

    Multiple vendors

    Marketing Execution

    Planning a large-scale entertainment event, launching a new venture or supporting an existing one comes with endless logistical decisions and last-minute surprises. Your team handles these tasks, but you may not have enough staff to create the marketing campaign you need to ensure success.

    GO2 works as your full-time marketing department. We handle online marketing, social media campaigns, paid ad marketing, direct mail and more. You focus on creating a fantastic event, we can handle the rest.


    Kitting and Fulfillment

    Take your event and entertainment venue to the next level with kits. Whether it’s a welcome kit for guests, a launch kit for a new TV show, or loyalty reward kits for your best venue customers, GO2 offers turnkey kitting and fulfillment services. Want unique? Work with our team to select a custom package. Pick from leading promotional items, add your branding and choose custom messaging. Deliver it to the venue or send it to the guest’s home before they arrive. We can handle it all. With GO2, let your creativity run wild with our kitting services.

    Kitting and fulfillment

    Customer Success Story

    GO2 Partners worked with a major beverage company to plan and execute a series of private events nationwide, delivering excitement for a new product launch.

    Strategic Products and Services for the Entertainment Industry

    See your strategy come to life for your entertainment business with GO2. Select the services, support and products you need, then let us build a custom program to execute your plan. Don’t leave the success of your venture up to chance. Work with GO2 to reach your goals.

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