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    Employee Engagement

    Your employee engagement metrics measure how involved and committed your employees are to the workplace. Engaged employees are more productive and supportive of their peers and put more discretionary effort into their work. Simply put, employee engagement matters.
    Employee engagement

    Drive Performance with Active Engagement

    Enable your workflorce
    Enable your workforce

    GO2 Partners activates and enables your workforce by driving enthusiastic adoption of products, technology and processes, which impacts your bottom line.

    Measurable and proven results
    Proven results

    Engagement can be measured through quantitative data and qualitative variables such as emotions, loyalty, satisfaction and productivity.

    Increase retention
    Increase retention

    With GO2 Partners, you can increase engagement and boost productivity. You’ll decrease turnover, attract and retain the best talent, and improve the quality of work performance.

    Improve work-life balance

    Ultimately, fulfillment is what your employees crave. Adapting work-life balance allows employees to forge their talents and cultivate their passion for their work. With GO2, you have access to experts who make these changes happen by giving employees the tools they need to succeed through change management.

    Improve work-life balance

    Active learning

    Make employee training impactful while building a more desirable culture. Training not only builds employee confidence but also improves customer experiences. GO2 internalizes your brand, so it resonates with the people who bring your brand to life.

    Internal branding
    internal communications

    Internal branding

    You know that building brand enthusiasm and loyalty is important for your customers. Did you know that it is just as important for your employees? They are the heart of your company and the primary way many customers experience your brand. GO2 helps you build your brand with employees, helping them be the best brand ambassadors.

    Change management communications

    Whether rolling out a new sales process or implementing new technology, employee engagement can be the difference between success and failure. GO2 can help you build a campaign to ensure your team is on board with your next initiative.

    Manage change

    Employee engagement can impact the success of your company

    • Employers with highly engaged employees experience 41% lower absentee rates.
    • Employers with highly engaged employees experience a 59% decrease in turnover.
    • Only 12% of employees who leave an organization do so for more money.
    • Businesses with highly engaged employees reported 21% higher profitability.

    Don’t wait. We work within your budget to reach your employee engagement goals, creating comprehensive plans with definitive metrics to drive performance. And, of course, we work as an extension of your team, getting to know your business and its challenges to deliver a true competitive advantage.

    Access to Resources and Expertise

    When you work with GO2, you get access to more than just our employee engagement experts. We act as a one-stop shop that can assist you with any challenge your business is facing.

    Getting Started with Employee Engagement

    A quick meeting with GO2’s experts can start the process of unlocking the potential of your employees and business. Contact us today!

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