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    New products. Updated technology. Refreshed branding. You invest serious time and money into these big projects. Don’t risk it all going to waste with a lackluster launch! GO2 Partners will treat your rollout with the strategy, creativity and enthusiasm it deserves. From launch events to learning materials, we’ll make sure customers and employees are on board for your next big thing!
    Product and Program Launches

    Don’t Let Your Next Launch Fail at the Finish Line

    Do you have exciting news? You need an equally exciting promotion strategy to spread the word. GO2 Partners can help you plan, execute and nurture a launch program to get enthusiastic adoption from both customers and employees.

    • Product launches to announce your innovation to the world.
    • New branding to make a splash with your new look, messaging or logo.
    • Internal campaigns to push 100% employee adoption.

    Hit your revenue and adoption goals. A great launch program goes beyond awareness. GO2 offers strategic solutions to turn your employees, partners and customers into advocates for your most important new projects.

    Be ready for your next launch

    Here's how GO2 Partners helps:

    Create a winning marketing strategy for launch

    Marketing can make or break your launch. GO2 will help you create an end-to-end launch campaign based on proven strategies and decades of experience. From pre-launch planning to post-launch nurturing, we’ll help you choose the right channels to reach your targets and create content that speaks to your audience.

    • Press releases
    • Teaser videos and sizzle reels
    • Email marketing campaigns
    • Print and digital ads
    • Loyalty and incentive programs

    Launch kits put success in your hands

    Launch kits provide a powerful way to show off your latest and greatest ideas. A unique, high-quality unboxing experience is guaranteed to help you stand out in the crowd and make your audience take notice. Prep your sales reps for a new product launch with demo items, sales materials and swag. Get potential customers excited about your new offering with branded gifts and product samples. Equip launch ambassadors with apparel and educational materials.

    • Unique packaging
    • Sales and training materials
    • Product demos and samples
    • Branded swag and apparel

    Engage and activate your team with training

    Create a team of champions for your new products and processes. GO2 develops unique active learning modules that empower your employees to be leaders of a successful launch. Turn your sales team into new-product experts. Give your employees a chance to get hands-on with new systems and processes. GO2’s adult learning experts will provide training materials that are both engaging and effective.

    • Product education and skills practice
    • Gamification
    • Active, hands-on learning

    Make launch day an unforgettable experience

    When you’ve got a launch that matters, nothing beats a celebration to get the momentum going! GO2 provides services and materials for your event day and beyond. We’ll create invites and promotions leading up to the event, provide all your event-day materials, and send post-event follow-ups to collect valuable feedback and keep the enthusiasm alive!

    • Invites and promotional materials
    • Event kits and event day collateral
    • On-site signage and decorations
    • Presentations and videos
    • Follow-up surveys and communications
    Customer success story

    Customer Success Story

    A national paint manufacturer was preparing to launch a new, high-end brand, and it wanted to make a big impact. It turned to GO2 Partners for help.

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    Partner with GO2 to Plan the Perfect Launch

    We’ll work with you to overcome any roadblocks and resistance to full adoption. Then, with a deep understanding of your target audience, we’ll create a detailed plan to reach these people meaningfully.