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If you want to connect with more customers, you need a content strategy that’s custom fitted to your business. Working with GO2 provides you with a full-time partner committed to understanding your situation and developing a content plan that gets results. Our analytical approach to content creation provides you with a one-stop shop for your marketing needs, from strategy to execution, reporting and analysis.
Content Marketing Strategy

Strategic Content Planning

Are you having the right conversations with your customers? You know that business success starts by helping customers solve problems. They are looking for answers, and they want information. Business growth is impossible if you can’t get your message to the right people. Content marketing is how you can provide answers. It’s how you start talking to prospects and building relationships with them.

GO2 Partners’ all-in-one revenue growth strategy team provides you with a turnkey, comprehensive solution to content marketing. Starting with in-depth research into your buyer personas and their journeys, we work with you to develop a clear and concise marketing strategy that ensures your budget is allocated effectively.


We can provide as much or as little support as you need.
Strategic content planning

Here's how we do it:

Content auditing and indexing

Before developing your new content plan, we comprehensively audit your existing content and produce a searchable index. This process allows us to identify opportunities in your content marketing and reuse old material in your new strategy.

Copywriters and creative services

With a team of talented copywriters, graphic designers, social media marketers and proofreaders, GO2 has the resources and expertise to deliver on your marketing strategy. Not only that, but we can also work as a partner with your internal resources or as an extension of your team, providing a boost when and where you need it.

Blogs and social media management

Social media is a powerful tool for reaching an audience. Leveraging social media is an essential part of running a marketing campaign. Our team works with you to craft an online message and creates a posting schedule that generates clicks and grows your business.

In-depth content calendars

Our content calendars help you plan your content months in advance and are at the core of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Content calendars ensure that every post is an opportunity to connect with your audience, building an online presence that creates awareness and scales over time.

Improve your marketing strategy today

Don’t delay your content strategy — get a plan in place today. Contact GO2 for a consultation; we want to hear about your unique situation. When you work with our team of experts, we provide you with a content approach focused on your business goals, helping you reach more people to grow your business. Whether you’re starting a new company, need help supporting an existing marketing plan, or just need to update your content with new ideas, we are ready to help.


Customer Success Story

See how GO2’s strategy for optimizing digital content helped our sales team attract and engage new prospects.

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Access Additional Resources and Expertise

When you work with GO2, you get access to more than our content marketing team. We act as a one-stop shop that can assist with any challenge your business faces. If you want to learn about other ways we can help, ask about the other departments at GO2.