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    Internal Communications

    Just as great branding rallies consumers around your product or service, effective internal communications rally your employees around your organization.
    Internal Communications

    Activate Leaders and Drive Performance

    GO2 Partners develops effective internal communications within your organization to ensure you and your team work collaboratively toward a common goal. If you want to improve how you communicate, engage with and understand your employees, we can help. As workforces become more dispersed, information comes through a variety of channels. You need a comprehensive communication strategy that works.
    Drive performance

    Here's how GO2 Partners helps:


    An effective internal brand builds a more desirable culture for you and your employees and improves your customer experiences. GO2 Partners will translate your external brand so it resonates with the people who bring your brand to life — your employees.

    Change management communications

    Change is inevitable. Struggling through it isn’t. You’ve probably heard that 70% of change initiatives fail. GO2 Partners can help you beat the odds with solutions that ensure everyone is on board with your vision — even your most change-resistant employees.

    Internal campaigns

    Whether rolling out a new sales process or implementing new technology, employee support can be the difference between success and failure for yourself and the team. We’ll build a campaign to ensure your team is informed and excited about your next initiative.

    Example offerings:

    • Events/celebrations
    • Contests
    • Hype videos
    • Social engagement
    • Look books
    • Presentations
    • Environmental tactics (Posters, window clings, monitor wraps)
    • Email campaigns

    Frontline activation

    Our frontline activation experts design interactive learning opportunities to help you and your employees deliver better customer service, learn how to optimize sales tools, become product experts, and more.

    Example offerings:

    • Training kits
    • Meeting-in-a-box kits
    • Active learning
    • Gamification
    • Trainer guides
    • Training presentations
    • Contests and rewards

    Launch programs

    Launching a new product or service is an important moment for you and your business. GO2 Partners will treat your rollout with the enthusiasm it deserves.

    From launch kits to learning materials, we’ll make sure your team is prepared to share their knowledge and excitement with your customers.

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    Don’t Wait to Improve the Way Your Team Communicates

    To see an improvement in your team’s performance today, contact GO2 Partners. Our comprehensive internal communications strategies align your employees’ objectives and make it easier for you to lead the organization. Call today to learn more about how we can make running your business easier than ever.