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    Running a retail business, especially with multiple stores, means you must juggle many priorities. Losing shipments, running out of supplies and not having easy access to uniforms for new employees can bring your operation to a halt. GO2 Partners can provide the services and help you need to keep your business moving.
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    A Turnkey Solution for Your Retail Needs

    When your retail business faces a new challenge and customers are ready to buy, you need to respond fast. Waiting on the phone for a representative, struggling to find the right vendor or dealing with mistakes with your order can waste time and money you can’t spare. Working with GO2 Partners gives you access to our extensive network of warehouses and shipping centers as well as our customizable packaging solutions, so you never need to wait for the help you need.
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    With GO2 Partners, you can access the following services:

    Protective Packaging and Shipping Solutions

    Your business runs on shipping. If you don’t have a steady stream of merchandise coming into your store, you lose out on potential sales and risk business stagnation. GO2 Partners not only has an extensive shipping network across the country, but we also offer customizable packaging solutions. If you regularly receive damaged products due to inadequate packaging, we can work with you to design custom containers that keep your products safe.

    Packaging Supplies

    Customizable Labels and Signage

    Getting customers into your store is the first step in making a sale. Displaying the right signage can not only improve the flow of customers through your store, but it can also promote your brand. Custom labels and signage give your retail store a distinct atmosphere that helps you stand out among the competition.

    Custom labels and signage

    Branded Apparel

    Presenting a professional face to customers is essential. When your team doesn’t have the right uniforms, your image suffers. GO2 Partners works with you to create high-quality apparel that doesn’t deteriorate or degrade after use. We also design custom promotional products that you can use to promote your brand or reward employees.

    Branded Apparel

    Promotional Products and Sales Kits

    The right promotional item can not only delight customers but provide ongoing brand awareness and marketing long after it leaves the store. Work with experts in the design and sourcing of top promotional items to find the right product. Want to target a business or organization? We can help with that. Our team of experts can design a sales kit with the perfect packaging that will keep your business top of mind.

    Custom sales and branding kits

    Supply Chain Solutions and Resiliency

    Issues in the supply chain trickle down and disrupt your business. If you don’t have access to multiple sources for your essential goods, then your business is at risk. GO2 Partners has built a resilient shipping network and has business relationships with vendors across the country. By cultivating these relationships, we offer a more reliable and dependable service for our clients.

    Dependable and secure supply chains
    New Product Launch Customer Success Story

    Customer Success Stories

    See how GO2 supported a new product launch across a national network of retail stores with an innovative sales kit, educational materials for store employees, and sales best practices.

    Empower Your Business Today

    Why wait to get the help you need? Working with GO2 provides you with more than just expert service and care. You get a full-time partner that is committed to helping your business succeed. If you want to learn more about all the ways we can help, schedule a free consultation today.