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    Kitting and Fulfillment

    Designing customized experiences isn’t easy. Whether it’s a new client, an existing customer or a new team member, getting them engaged and excited can be a massive boost to your business. GO2 Partners’ kitting and fulfillment capabilities make creating these unique, curated experiences easier than ever.
    Kitting and Fulfillment

    Deliver the Wow Factor

    Wow your clients and employees
    For new team members

    When bringing on new employees, vendors or clients, making them feel like they belong is essential. Design experiences that build excitement and evoke a sense of connection.

    Custom Solutions
    Custom solutions

    Design your kits with your audience in mind. A custom kit will help your company connect with those who matter most in a way that’s as unique as they are. 

    Stand out above the rest
    Stand out above the rest

    Stand out in the crowded, busy business world. Our engagement and fulfillment kits deliver a unique and memorable experience. 

    Employee engagement and onboarding kits

    Bringing on a new team member doesn’t have to be disruptive. With the right onboarding and new hire kits, your latest employee immediately feels like a valued team member. In addition, GO2 Partners also helps you design reward and engagement packages that keep your team motivated during company-wide competitions and events.

    Employee onboarding kits

    Personalized promotional products

    Promoting your business shouldn’t be boring. Everyone loves getting some swag, and our promotional products make you look trendy and welcoming. Suppose you want to attract new prospects while continuously delighting existing clients. In that case, we’ll design personalized promotional kits with branded merchandise and apparel that bring fun and excitement while telling the story of your business.

    Access to Resources and Expertise

    When you work with GO2, you get access to more than just our kitting and fulfillment experts. We act as a one-stop shop that can assist you with any challenge your business is facing.

    Discover All the Ways We Can Help

    At GO2 Partners, kitting and fulfillment is just one of the many ways we can help your business. Contact us today to discover all the other services and products we offer. Don’t wait to give your business the tools and resources to grow. Call today.

    ParkerStore Customer Success Story

    Customer Success Story

    GO2 brilliantly executed a promotional campaign for an international company, delivering the creative to align with the messaging and the operational elements to support a smooth and successful launch.

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