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    A Better Way to Manage Supplies for Your Team

    A business runs on essential supplies. Your team needs promotional materials, corporate apparel, marketing supplies and more. Coordinating product orders can take time and effort you don’t have, and a missed order can mean lost business or worse. Unfiltered ordering access for the team can lead to confusion, over-ordering and mistakes. With GO2 Partners’ ecommerce service, you can consolidate orders, reduce your work and give your team access to essential supplies while you stay in control.
    B2B Ecommerce

    Empower Your Employees While Staying in Control

    Essential Marketing Materials
    Essential marketing materials

    Your business needs essential materials to keep your operation moving. When your team can easily resupply their corporate supplies and promotional materials, you remove an impediment to getting more work done and free up more time in their day.

    Control your brand
    Control your brand

    GO2 Partners’ intuitive ecommerce platform gives your team tools to keep operations moving. It improves efficiency and saves you time and money. You can set parameters like designs on apparel and merchandise, forms, business cards and more. Set the total budget for each location, then track orders. It’s all under your control.

    Manage access
    Manage access

    Additionally, you can control the flow of sensitive information. You have complete control over every employee’s access level, so you can empower your team without risking exposure. It’s a smarter way to handle essential supplies.

    Consolidate vendors and simplify ordering

    You’re often left juggling multiple vendors when ordering supplies, apparel, merchandise and promotional materials. You might work with a design team that creates products, communicate with a printer to produce the images, and then manage the distribution schedules. Nothing is connected. GO2 consolidates these services, providing a better user experience at a lower cost.

    Consolidate Vendors

    Budget and spending accounts

    Give your team the ability to control and manage their essential supplies while managing the budget. GO2 Partners’ ecommerce platform allows you to control spending at locations. Set the budget and then review the spending.

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    Warehouse worker with box and manager controlling products

    Customize access for cost centers

    You may need to limit access to supplies if you have multiple locations that offer different services. With our customizable control parameters, you provide templates for each location. This provides brand control and limits customer and employee confusion.

    End-to-end supply chain control

    Delays, confusion and miscommunication happen when you work with multiple vendors. GO2 streamlines the ordering and delivery process. Our experts work with you on initial designs, build out templates for your team members to order, work to find the best price, and then deliver products from our distribution centers. You have complete control without the confusion.

    End to End supply chain control

    Easy, fast, convenient ordering

    When you need essential products, you don’t want to wait. You need the fastest, most convenient journey from finding a need to reaching a solution. Once you’ve set up your account with our services, you can quickly place orders and even customize designs and track your budget from one location. Our modern ecommerce platform puts you in complete control.

    Access a Full Suite of Additional Services

    Our ecommerce group is just one part of the GO2 team. We have marketing resources and expertise in shipping, printing, technology and more. When you work with us, you not only have access to an amazing ecommerce solution, but a full-service partner with a depth of resources and expertise as well.

    Boost Your Operational Efficiency Today

    Don’t waste time waiting on your vendors to respond. The GO2 Partners ecommerce team can transform your operation, reduce logistical headaches, boost efficiency, and give you more time in the day. Reach out now if you want to learn about what our ecommerce platform can do for your business or about all the other ways we can help.

    B2B Ecommerce-Case Study

    Customer Success Story

    See how GO2 transformed a construction company with a convenient ecommerce site for apparel.

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