How Franchisors Can Drive Brand Consistency with Franchisees

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Sep 25, 2023 4:45:00 PM

Clopay Corporation is North America’s largest overhead door manufacturer. This major franchisor operates four manufacturing plants and 52 distribution centers while partnering with thousands of mini-companies throughout North America.  

How does Clopay maintain brand consistency with so many businesses and franchisees operating under its umbrella? This article will consider how GO2 Partners has successfully aided the dealer and its mini-companies with their marketing efforts to maintain consistent branding. 

Set Reasonable Brand Standards  

Brand standards serve as a brand’s reference guide. This brand guide provides direction and guidance to ensure the branding is consistent across the board.  

These standards affect everything from which logo to use, colors and fonts, apparel, and more. These standards are critical to the brand experience and will ensure your brand has longevity. 

An inconsistent brand experience can make the brand seem unprofessional and untrustworthy. Alternatively, consistent branding confirms the brand's authenticity and assures customers they’ve made the right choice in trusting the product or service.  

Supply Easy-to-Access Marketing Materials

By having easy access to approved marketing materials, the franchisee is more likely to utilize them, thus maintaining brand consistency. For this reason, a B2B e-commerce site is very useful.  

A B2B e-commerce website directs exchanges between two businesses online. This tool allows customers to place bulk orders and download approved promotional marketing materials conveniently.  

Some items you may make available for your franchisees include business stationery, email signatures, internal documents, PowerPoint templates, etc.  

Set Up Digital Marketing Programs  

Franchise digital marketing is the process of designing a digital marketing strategy for your franchise business to increase visibility online. It includes web development, social media marketing and content creation.  

Digital marketing is necessary to boost brand awareness, grow leads and increase loyalty. For this reason, it’s important for the franchisor and franchisee to act as a team. 

Franchisors should make digital marketing programs extensively available for their franchisees — by supplying digital assets such as website templates, SEO programs and paid digital ads. 

By supporting franchisees in their digital marketing efforts, the franchisor will ensure brand consistency by establishing a united online presence, making the brand clearly recognizable.  

Offer Branded Uniforms  

Uniforms serve as free advertisements for your brand.  

They increase brand recognition and boost staff morale. Offering branded uniforms will create an environment that motivates your employees and customers.  

When the franchise company has a uniform look across all its locations, it shows customers it’s the same brand they’ve come to recognize and invest in. This will help customers build faith in the company and assure them that they will receive the same shopping experience regardless of the location.  

GO2 Partners Can Help You Succeed  

A strong brand and successful programs help everyone succeed. By establishing brand standards, supplying marketing materials, offering digital marketing programs and providing branded uniforms, you encourage brand consistency and set yourself and your partners up for success.  

We are here for all of your marketing and branding needs. GO2 has a team of marketing experts in B2B that support franchise programs. Contact us to see how we can help you today!  


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