Interactive Roadmap

Helping multiple audiences navigate vision benefits.

GO2 provided EyeMed with a microsite that delivers an intuitive user experience for over 10,000 visitors a month. By aligning internal and external communication, we’ve simplified the buyer journey so that each target audience can navigate it with ease.



  • Silver ADDY Award Winner
  • Healthcare Marketing Impact Gold Winner: Digital Campaign of the Year



UX Strategy

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GO2 needed to simplify the communication path while reflecting EyeMed’s newly launched branding.

Our Challenge

EyeMed, a division of Luxottica, has a complex path to travel in delivering communication from the brand to employees to Human Resources professionals to vision benefit members.

While taking advantage of in-network and out-of-network benefits is easier than it sounds, it was essential for EyeMed to find the best way to make this clear to all audiences involved.

Our Solution

To keep messages consistent from one scenario to the next, GO2 developed a single solution that would work for any audience, in any situation. With an interactive “roadmap” microsite, EyeMed could take users on a visual journey through their vision benefits.

Simple, intuitive navigation ensured that the microsite would always be a valuable tool — whether EyeMed uses it internally or with HR professionals, those professionals use it to discuss benefits with their employees, or members use the tool to learn more about benefit options on their own.

An infographic-inspired look made the site inviting, while clickables, downloads, and click-or-scroll options added to an enjoyable user experience.


Applying EyeMed’s new brand voice and visuals kept the microsite light, conversational, and fun. Most importantly, our microsite ensured that the brand’s messages would remain consistent, regardless of who may be giving or receiving those messages at any point.

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