8 Powerful HubSpot Tools for Sales Enablement

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Apr 19, 2024 12:12:22 PM

When crunch time hits and you need to boost sales, we often feel like there are limited options.

Do you slash prices? Or find a new product or a different service? You could combine products with services or give something away in hopes of snagging a bigger sale later. Or do you ask your sales team to get on the phone and beg their prospects to buy something?

Those are all options, but an often much easier way to boost sales is to look at sales enablement strategies.

What Is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is a strategic business process that provides your sales team with the tools and resources they need to close more sales.

Most businesses with a sales team will map out a buyer’s journey. Sales and marketing aim to identify prospects who need your product or service and then guide them on that journey. The goal of sales enablement is to work with sales to alleviate points of friction they may have in that goal. Whether it’s more training in how the product works, a better method of identifying the best prospects, or how to spend less time building a presentation, sales enablement digs into the process and helps sales work better.

The goal of sales enablement is always selling more — shortening the sales cycle, converting more prospects into customers or making bigger sales.

HubSpot and Sales Enablement

Many companies find it difficult to implement sustainable sales enablement practices. A core reason is finding and using the tools they need to conduct their strategy. That’s where HubSpot can help.

HubSpot is a cloud-based CRM platform designed to align the sales, marketing and customer service elements of your company to boost your revenue-generating opportunities. It gives you the data, process visibility and business tools you need to reach your revenue goals, and it scales with your business, growing as you do.

There is a plethora of tools built into HubSpot that can ease the implementation of your sales enablement strategy and help your team sell more. Let’s look at a few of them.

Email Templates

With email templates in HubSpot, you can store and quickly access emails that are often used in your sales process. Your sales team can quickly pull up an email template in the HubSpot record and tweak the email as needed. Rather than starting from scratch and writing a new email every time they need to communicate, sales can save time by accessing and working with your best emails. And, with emails sent this way, you can quickly optimize by accessing data on open rates, link click-throughs and attachment downloads.

Task Management

How often does a great opportunity fall through the cracks in the busy business world? HubSpot’s task management feature allows users to easily track and assign recurring activities to a prospect or contact. Users have a daily task list each time they log in, and activities can be logged as they are completed. New tasks can be added as needed, and in HubSpot everything can be recorded. It’s an excellent tool for tracking progress, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks, and building best practices in your sales activities.


How much more time would your team have for selling if they could automate much of the busy work that fills your day? HubSpot offers workflows that streamline your sales and marketing efforts by automating activities for you and your sales team. Want to send a series of emails to a list of contacts? There’s a workflow for that. Want to set up a series of preparation activities before a sales demo? The workflows in HubSpot can handle it. With workflows, users can set enrollment criteria, automatically enroll records, and plan and execute activities on contacts, companies, deals, quotes, tickets and associated records.

Meeting Scheduling

HubSpot’s meeting scheduler allows users to schedule meetings faster without the hassle of sending emails. With this meeting scheduler, prospective leads can use a link in your email signature to book a meeting time that works for all parties. This feature syncs with both Google Calendar and Microsoft 365 Calendar. It works with the apps your team already uses and is connected to your HubSpot contacts database, so every time a prospect books a meeting, your database is updated, keeping your records in sync.

Chat Flows

Save time and connect customers directly with the members of your team they are looking for with chat flows. The live chat appears as a widget on your website that allows visitors to click and begin a real-time conversation with someone on your team. For example, if you have a customer who needs specific information on pricing, chat flows connect them to a sales team member who can help them. It’s convenient for customers and is a huge time-saver and stress reliever for your team.

Quoting Tool

Easily create and share quotes using HubSpot’s quote feature. The quote tool lets users quickly and easily create a web page with line-item pricing information. When you’re done, save the quote as a draft. You can then enroll the customer in workflows for a follow-up or additional sales activities. Want to edit the quote? Access the draft for editing from the quote’s dashboard.

Document Sharing

The document tool is an easy way to build a content library for your team to access during sales activities. Build approved documents like sell sheets, case studies, infographics, white papers and more, then upload them to HubSpot so sales can share them with contacts. Use those documents in sequences and templates. HubSpot automatically applies tracking when you share a document, so you’ll receive a notification when a contact views the document. You can also require recipients to enter their email before they can view the content.


HubSpot includes a wealth of analytics built into the system so you can view critical business data. That includes emails sent, open rates, completed activities, call and meeting outcomes, and the time a deal spent in each stage. With these reports, you can start creating a baseline for sales activities and make actionable and data-driven changes to your sales process. Use the data and insight to prioritize tasks and leads, identify best practices, and adjust the sales process.

GO2 Partners Plus HubSpot

For many companies, sales enablement is the easiest path to increased revenue. Rather than struggling to change your business, give your sales team the tools to sell more. HubSpot can be a powerful tool for reaching that goal.

If you have questions about HubSpot or sales enablement or want to work with experts to build your strategy, contact GO2 Partners. With experience in jump-starting sales, aligning sales and marketing, and providing critical support to businesses, we have the expertise you need to enhance your sales. Let us know your goals and let’s see what we can do to support them.

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