How to Leverage Data and Technology for Your Restaurant

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Apr 26, 2024 11:52:11 AM

You know all too well that the recipe for restaurant success involves more than just culinary expertise. It’s about organizing logistics, supply chains and financial management — not just for food, but for indirect goods as well. But how can you wisely manage your non-food supplies without sacrificing focus on what you do best: ensuring exceptional dining experiences for patrons?

Today, the answer to that question lies in the targeted utilization of data and technology.

Data and technology can transform the way your restaurants operate, streamline processes, and boost profitability. Yet, navigating the data landscape can feel like deciphering an intricate menu in a foreign language. You know it’s essential, but how do you make it work for you?

GO2’s Next-Gen Solutions for Non-Food Supplies

GO2 Partners is your ally in the digital age. As a leading provider of indirect goods to restaurants, GO2 understands the challenges faced by the industry. We’ve witnessed the struggle to harness data effectively, the uncertainty around technology adoption, and the desire to simplify complex business operations.

We’re going to pull back the curtain to reveal how GO2’s B2B ecommerce site and data analysis services can revolutionize your restaurant business to reduce your indirect spend and support more efficient operations. Whether you’re a seasoned franchise owner or a growing chain, we’ve got the right solutions to elevate your operations.

Making Data-Driven Decisions

Imagine having a crystal-clear view of what’s happening across your locations. With GO2’s usage data insights, you’ll make informed decisions about inventory, ordering patterns and resource allocation. No more guesswork — just data-driven precision.

Usage Data Insights

Tap into the wealth of information provided by usage data. Analyzing insights about things like purchasing patterns and product preferences can help you make informed decisions about your non-food inventory. For instance, trend analysis allows you to identify shifts in demand. So, if eco-friendly disposable utensils are suddenly in high demand, you can proactively stock up.

Usage data also provides a lens into seasonal fluctuations. You know holiday seasons and special events are likely to require increased inventory. Now you can see how it plays out in the data and avoid overstock or last-minute rush orders.

Spend Visibility

GO2’s ecommerce platform allows you to track spending by location, category or specific items. This helps identify patterns and anomalies so you can make smart adjustments quickly.

Unexpected deviations from the norm can be early indicators of inefficiencies or potential issues. GO2’s spend visibility empowers you to be proactive. Instead of reacting to overspending after the fact, you can anticipate needs and adjust accordingly. Suppose a location suddenly orders significantly more to-go boxes than usual — we can flag this anomaly, investigate, and offer solutions.

Uncovering Cost Savings

Say goodbye to overspending and hello to a healthier bottom line. Our market cost analysis ensures you’re sourcing high-quality goods at optimal prices, and our historical data analysis guides you toward smart procurement strategies.

Quality and Price Optimization

As a seasoned player in the field, GO2 recognizes that cost optimization is about striking the right balance between quality and affordability. Through regular market cost analyses, we delve into pricing trends, supplier offerings and product quality across the industry. By staying informed about market dynamics, we can identify cost-effective options.

The cost analysis considers not only the immediate price tag but also the long-term impact. High-quality non-food goods may have a slightly higher upfront cost, but they often lead to savings in durability and customer satisfaction.

Once we identify the right products for your needs, we negotiate with suppliers to achieve optimal pricing — the sweet spot where quality and cost intersect. This ensures that you receive goods that enhance your operations without breaking the bank.

Historical Data Analysis

Predictive analytics is the key to unlocking insights from historical data. By analyzing past trends, you can anticipate future needs and allocate resources efficiently. This helps budget effectively and optimize non-food inventory. No more overstocking or running out of essential items. Predictive analytics helps strike the right balance

For example, instead of following a rigid ordering schedule, you can adjust based on historical consumption. Ordering just-in-time minimizes waste and storage costs.

Delivering Peace of Mind

Real-time shipping information keeps you in the loop. Detailed delivery tracking means no surprises, no delays — just smooth sailing.

Real-Time Shipping Information

Real-time tracking provides you with a clear view of your goods throughout the supply chain. From the moment an order is placed to its final delivery, real-time data ensures the transparency and accuracy crucial for efficient planning.

Proactive problem-solving is another advantage. With real-time tracking, you receive immediate alerts when delivery schedules change due. This information allows you to make quick decisions that improve customer satisfaction.

Additional Benefits of GO2’s Restaurant Programs

Let’s delve into some of the additional benefits that GO2’s B2B ecommerce platform and data services offer to restaurant chains and franchises. 

Customization for your unique needs: GO2’s platform allows restaurants to customize orders based on specific requirements. Whether it’s adjusting order size or choosing specific brands — each location gets precisely what it needs.

Strong supplier relationships: GO2 fosters strong relationships with suppliers. This translates to consistent service, timely deliveries and access to high-quality goods.

Negotiation power: Leveraging GO2’s network, you gain negotiation power with suppliers. Bulk purchasing and strategic partnerships lead to better terms and pricing.

Reduced errors, increased efficiency: Manual order processing is prone to errors. GO2’s automated system minimizes mistakes, ensuring that the right items reach the right locations.

Streamlined procurement: Focus on your core business while GO2 handles procurement efficiently. No more paperwork headaches or missed orders.

Waste reduction: Efficient ordering means less waste. By optimizing quantities and minimizing excess inventory, you improve both your sustainability and your bottom line.

Explore GO2’s Restaurant Solutions

GO2’s data-driven solutions empower restaurant chains to thrive in a competitive landscape. From usage data insights to spend visibility, we’ve unlocked the recipe for efficiency and savings. Ready to transform your restaurant business? Click here to learn more about GO2’s Restaurant Solutions - Branded Consumables.  Marketing Deliverables.  National Distribution.  Made to Order. See how a tailored, technology-enabled solution can benefit your business.

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